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About the Course

Kickboxing refers to the sport of using martial-arts-style kicks and boxing-style punches to defeat an opponent in a similar way to that of standard boxing. It is an official sport recognised by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

It is a full-contact sport. Kickboxing competition athletes are required to wear important protective gear such as; mouth-guard, hand-wraps, 10-oz boxing gloves, groin-guard, shin-pads, kick-boots (if applicable), and headgear.

Kickboxing is often confused with Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing. The two sports are similar, however, in Thai Boxing, kicks below the belt are allowed, as are strikes with knees and elbows whereas they are forbidden in kickboxing. Kickboxing was incorporated into the Asian Martial Arts Games in 2009.

Get certified and recognised as a Sports Coach in Kickboxing. Learn fundamental coaching principles and technical skills to groom kickboxing athletes and coaches, on various competitive levels.


Learn vital sports coaching doctrine integral to build, chart and grow a kickboxing athlete’s development, performance and career pathway.


The basic combative kickboxing techniques may also be scaled down and used for fitness training purposes.

This course is governed and accredited by WAKO Singapore, in which is the sole national representative (in Singapore) for the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO).

Who is it for?

Course Details

Next Course: 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19 January 2020

S$ 696.00 (inclusive of GST)

40 Hours (on Weekends)

10 Coach SG CCEs awarded

The #teamISA Edge

  • Thorough training in the area of sports science.

  • Access to top-notch gym facilities.

  • ISA has deep and wide network within the sports and personal training industry.  Take a look at some of our partners.

  • Being certified by ISA means being part of#teamISA. 

  • Continuing Education opportunities.

For new or existing sports coaches who are interested to groom kickboxing athletes or coaches. The skills learnt, may also be used to cross train athletes from various sports backgrounds.

For individuals and martial-arts enthusiasts, this course serves as an avenue to acquire more knowledge on various martial-arts and their combative and competitive elements.


For fitness trainers or personal trainers, the techniques and skills learnt may be scaled down for general fitness training purposes. However, the main priority is for developmental purposes for the sport of Kickboxing.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn:

  • Understand basic human anatomy and how the human body responds and adapts to

  • Develop a strong foundation on key psychology principles relating to sports and

  • Describe the role of various dietary nutrients in supporting sports performance and health
    during training and competition

  • Develop a coaching philosophy and understand ethical, social and cultural issues in sports

  • Develop key communication skills to maximise performance

  • Understand different learning theories and coaching methodologies

  • Design assessments, training programs and plans

  • Have knowledge of risk assessment, discuss relevant injuries and recommend exercise

  • To groom Kickboxing athletes and coaches for competition

  • To teach the sport of Kickboxing safely and effectively with proper techniques

Course Schedule

Funding Available!

Funding from Skills Future and UTAP may be available for you! 


Check with our course consultants on the funding options that are available for you!

Kickboxing Instructor Certification

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