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History of WAKO Kickboxing Singapore

WAKO Kickboxing Singapore (A.K.A WAKO SG)

World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) Kickboxing Singapore was founded in January 2011.

As the official representative for WAKO in Singapore, the objective was to grow, develop and promote the sport of Kickboxing locally. Extending our reach, we sought to promote the sport using 2 various channels namely;

  1. Competitive Route (e.g. Competitions)

  2. Non-Competitive Route (e.g. Kickboxing as an alternative fitness avenue)

The development of the organisation was spearheaded by WAKO SG President, Mr Jason Lim, who successfully grew the entity to become Singapore's leading Kickboxing Authority today.

WAKO SG now actively participates in local competitions as the governing body for the sport of Kickboxing, sanctioning Kickboxing bouts and fostering strong relationships with industry partners.

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