WAKO Singapore Kickboxing Coach Level 1: Virtually Free! {REGISTER HERE}

Are you ready for our WAKO Singapore Kickboxing Coach Level 1 Course?

It's coming up in 10 days time and we cannot wait!

WAKO Singapore: Kickboxing Coach Level 1

Exciting news await...

50% of the course fee is funded by SkillsFuture SG

50% of the remaining course fee is funded by e2i

*T&Cs below*

SkillsFuture T&Cs

1. Must have at least $385.20 credit in SkillsFuture Account

e2i T&Cs

1. Must be Singaporean or Singapore PR

2. Must acheive 75% attendance for the entire course

3. Must not have obtained any other government funding for this 'WAKO Singapore Kickboxing Coach Level 1' course (with the exception of SkillsFuture SG)

So this means that you could be paying ZERO dollars out of your pocket!

Steps To Register

Here are the steps you need to follow to enjoy the $0 upfront payment 1) Register for the Kickboxing Coach Course 2) Select the option which shows 'with e2i and SkillsFuture' - link here 3) Head to SkillsFuture website and submit claim here 4) Done!


Website : www.wakosingapore.com

Email : info@wakosingapore.com

Contact Number : +65 8363 5661

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