WAKO Singapore Kickboxing Coach Level 1 Course - 3rd Run!

We'll be running our 3rd official 'ISA-WAKO Singapore Kickboxing Coach Level 1' Certification Course!

The ISA-WAKO Singapore Kickboxing Coaching Course is the only kickboxing coaching certification that you can use SkillsFuture Credit AND e2i at the same time to pay the lowest fees for an amazing and well-rounded kickboxing certification programme!

WAKO Singapore Kickboxing Coach Level 1 - Certification Course 3rd Run

More details can be found in the poster above!

Why Take Up this Course?

Pay only $12.80 for this course! (T&Cs apply, more information found below and in the attached document)

This course is jointly organised and conducted with International Sports Academy (ISA)!

Learn valuable kickboxing technical skills and coaching principles that will bring your coaching game to the next level!

Coaching principles will be covered by ISA whilst we, WAKO Kickboxing Singapore will be covering the technical aspects of the sport of Kickboxing!

Get the best of both worlds and most importantly, become an accredited Kickboxing coach today!

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic human anatomy and how the human body responds and adapts to exercise

  • Develop a strong foundation on key psychology principles relating to sports and performance

  • Describe the role of various dietary nutrients in supporting sports performance and health during training and competition

  • Develop a coaching philosophy and understand ethical, social and cultural issues in sports

  • Develop key communication skills to maximise performance

  • Understand different learning theories and coaching methodologies

  • Design assessments, training programs and plans

  • Have knowledge of risk assessment, discuss relevant injuries and recommend exercise programming

  • Teach the sport of Kickboxing safely and effectively with proper techniques

  • To groom Kickboxing athletes and coaches for competition

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WAKO Singapore Kickboxing Coach Level 1 - Certification Course, Funding Available


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