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Singapore Kickboxing Championships 2019

Presenting the Singapore Kickboxing Championships 2019!

Proudly organised by Kickboxing Federation of Singapore​

Singapore Kickboxing Championships 2019

Team Singapore Selection for SEA Games 2019 will held through this prestigious event!

Come and fight for your place in Team Singapore Kickboxing!

Slots are LIMITED! ONLY 8 SLOTS available for SEA Games Squad!

The Singapore Kickboxing Championships 2019 will feature 3 of these disciplines/rulesets(Low Kick, Full Contact, Kick Light)

We'll be conducting a briefing on these 3 rulesets on 9 and 16 Feb. All athletes and coaches keen to join our competition, please register for the briefing! (link here:

All disciplines are welcome - Silat, Karate, Taekwondo, and more...

For enquiries, drop us a DM, WhatsApp or email!

To register, email us at

For information, visit

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