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WAKO (IF) is the only official governing international body in charge of sport of Kickboxing in the World member of SportAccord/GAISF.

WAKO Policies and Guidelines set forth the main principles on how we organize and make certain priorities in WAKO. As the world governing body responsible for creating, managing, coordinating and organizing activities in all the 5 Continents, we have a huge responsibility both nationally and internationally. To fulfill our goal to be recognized in the IOC movement and integrated into the IOC, we need to ensure our development is fundamentally in-line with the Olympic Movement and its various charters, whose principles and focus are integrated as part of our organization.

These Guidelines are proposals and priorities made to encourage your national federation to use them and implement them and as best practices in sport governance and infrastructure. These are not official rules but good practices which also support good governance and create opportunities for all levels of athletes. When national federations implement them and WAKO IF supports and implements them within its own environment and work you will find a healthy organization working in the same direction enforcing the same principles. 


Within these files you will find WAKO Policies and Guidelines on the following:

  • Integrity

  • Fair Play

  • Anti-doping

  • Women

  • Ethics

  • Entourage

  • Medical Awareness

  • Career Development

  • Education of athletes (Athlete Learning Gateway)

  • Good Governance

  • Constant Development

  • Social Integration

  • …… and more to come.

In addition to this, it is important that everybody is aware of the Olympic Charter for which it is important that WAKO lives up to: not only as an international federation, but that we as a team function and operate within its principles. 


Download the WAKO policies, which are fully applied to WAKO ASIA and WAKO Kickboxing Singapore.

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