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exclusive education partner

International Sports Academy

"Preparing the next generation of sports leader, for the industry of tomorrow"

The International Sports Academy (ISA) was officially opened in 2003 and has been appointed as the sole partner in Singapore by the United States Sports Academy (USSA), to provide quality academic sports certifications and diplomas. The ISA was founded in order to meet the growing need for sports education in Singapore. With the growing interest in sports to promote a healthier lifestyle and a means of social cohesion, the sporting industry has grown substantially over the past years. The ISA provides the much needed knowledge and skills required to empower individuals with the right tools to achieve success in the sporting industry today.

fitness partner

Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association

To provide athletes a form to gain exposure and opportunities at an event that continues to lift the bar for physique, figure and fitness model competitions.

In addition, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association is a registered non-profit organisation.

local affiliate clubs

Active Red

Founded in 2008, Active Red aims to inject a fresh new approach to Fitness Training by introducing non-combative Kickboxing Training to Singapore. Active Red hosts WAKO-Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification and Education to aspiring individuals who aspire to be Kickboxing Fitness Coaches . 

We have offered our Kickboxing Fitness Training, Services and Classes to over 13,000 clients from all walks of life since our inception. Apart from Kickboxing Fitness Training, our services has expanded to Kickboxing Bootcamp-style High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Gym Circuit HIIT, Semi-Combative Group Controlled Sparring Training and Weightlifting Training.

Empower: Defensive Solutions

At Empower: Defensive Solutions, we believe self-defense is an essential skill, something often overlooked by people (especially Singaporeans) because of a “it won’t ever happen to me” mentality. As the name implies, EDS aims to empower individuals with the technical knowledge and practical know-how to self-defense, so that they won't be caught unprepared and off-guard when confronted with a hostile situation.

With self-defense as the basis, our instructors adapt techniques from various martial arts disciplines into our practice to provide a more holistic learning experience, providing a safe and friendly environment to put learning into practice. 

We are a group of self-defense, combat sports and fitness enthusiasts, dedicated to building a like-minded community of practitioners.

Bushido Fight Academy

Founded on the values and traditions from the ancient Japanese Samurai and adhering to the practices of honour and discipline, we strike with bravery and exercise humility in our victories.

It’s our strong belief that these are not only a matter of principle and morals – but a way of life.

Our skilled trainers and facilitators have both the experience as well as the accomplishments to guide and coach our clients in various aspects of the discipline, be it Muay Thai, Boxing or Shinkyokushin Karate. Working together as a team, we make your fitness goals attainable.

Welcome to the academy! Live and fight as a Bushido Warrior.

Takushin-Kan Sports Chanbara

Polish movement skills, with Sports Chanbara as the program takes you on an engaging journey into Japanese weapons defence suitable for all ages!

A fitness conditioning program that strengthens and enhances movement awareness through self - defence and different traditional weapons combat techniques of the short and long sword, twin swords, short and long staff, short and long spear as well as the halberd.

The foundation in kickboxing strikes and Japanese weapons training systems hones sporting finesse and weapons-defense through martial concepts; driving differentiated fitness conditioning through combat routines and bouts, customised for differing age groups and skill levels.

Savate Club Singapore

Savate Club Singapore provides Savate Kick-Boxing classes every Monday and Thursday from 8pm till 9:30pm at PESEB Stadium (near botanic gardens). Savate is a Kick-Boxing style that combines aesthetic and efficient kicks, boxing and cardio training.

Fighter Fitness Singapore

The #1 Martial Arts Gym in the west, Fighter Fitness Singapore is a multi-martial arts center which offers a variety of programmes to cater to your needs.

Martial Arts programmes offered range from Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Wing Chun and many more.

Fitness programmes offered such as Piloxing, BoxingYoga™ and more.

Fighter Fitness Singapore have 3 outlets located at:

  1. Pioneer (Jurong West)

  2. Jurong East (Chinese Garden)

  3. Hillview (Bukit Batok)

Legends Fight Sport

Legends Fight Sport is a pure boxing gym focused on the sweet science. With boxing being our only focus, we are able to put our heart, soul, sweat, tears and EVERYTHING we have so that we can be very good at what we do.

Our coaches at Legends are passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable. They are always learning to be better coaches so as to provide you with the best training opportunities. Whether you want to box to improve your fitness level or get quality coaching to help you advance in your boxing career, we are here at every step of the way. Once a Legend, always a Legend. Just like you, we at Legends are fighters too.

Cobra Fight Gym

Cobra Fight Gym provides Kickboxing Classes on the following days;

  • Friday: 12pm - 1pm

  • Sunday: 3pm - 4pm

Venue: 1 Orchid Club Road, Orchid Country Club, S (769162)

Apart from Kickboxing classes, Cobra Fight Gym offers a range of programmes such as Strength & Conditioning, Muay Thai and Boxing to cater to your needs.

Kpap Academy Singapore

Kapap Academy Singapore uses a system called Modern Street Combatives which includes various martial systems to present a realistic and effective self defense system. Some of our systems that we have adopted includes Kapap Israeli unarmed combat, Gracie Jiu Jitsu (original system of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Traditional Taekwando, Savate, Bas Rutten MMA systems, Various knife fighting systems such as Haganah, American Catch Wrestling etc.


Our focus is on understanding a person's bio mechanics and to use principles of leverage to allow someone to fend off a bigger and stronger opponent without relying on strength. This is especially important for Ladies who do not have much physical strength to begin with.


In addition, we incorporate psychology as part of our training to help our students overcome fear and to help them understand the predator mindset. Through such a unique approach, our students become more resilient in their psychology and are better prepared to defend themselves both mentally and physically when the need arises.

The Jungle (logo).jpg

The Jungle

The Jungle is a dynamic fitness gym and martial arts studio in Raffles Place, Singapore. We offer group classes (Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, High Intensity Interval Training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Strength & Conditioning and Boxing), personal training and corporate wellness solutions.


The Jungle was founded by Ross and Alex, two life-long fitness enthusiasts, each with a background in international business before they became full-time certified fitness professionals. They lead a team of expert fitness trainers with a clear vision and mission statement.

overseas affiliate clubs

Karate Martial Arts Institute - Germany

Karate Martial Arts Institute

Martial arts and self defense training for children (4 years and older), teenagers and adults

community partner

Parkinson Society Singapore

Parkinson Society Singapore (PSS) was formed on 16 December 1996 by a group of doctors and caregivers to help people living with Parkinson. The society was registered as a charity on 28 January 2000 and is a member of National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

Since then, the Society has organized a number of programmes including annual public forums, therapeutic exercise programmes and social and recreational activities, aimed at improving the lives of People with Parkinson (PwP).

The Society also works closely with support groups in various hospitals and publishes newsletters and books to raise the awareness of Parkinson. In Singapore, three out of every 1000 individuals aged 50 years and above have Parkinson. The number of PwP is expected to go up in our rapidly ageing population.

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