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Kickboxing Attains Olympic Recognition

Today 20th July, The IOC session in Tokyo, Japan, accepted the sport of Kickboxing with full recognition under the auspices of the World Governing Body, WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) at the duly convened IOC session.

Then a long journey finally came to an end. Since 30 November 2018, WAKO has been provisionally recognized and WAKO has since then worked diligently, strategically and targeted. All this resulted in that the IOC Executive Board on 10th of June decided to recommend WAKO to get Full Recognition.

WAKO President, Roy Baker; “Again we make history for our sport and this is a memorable day for our entire community and an inspiration to continue to develop our sport within the Olympic family of sports. Today I am grateful to president Bach for his continued support and to the members of the IOC for the confidence in bringing us in to the Olympic family of sports. As a leader of the organization I simply needed a boost like this to continue to drive our sport ensuring it has a sustainable future amongst the combat sports within the Olympic family. Thank you to everybody in our organization that have contributed. Thank you to the IOC Members who have accepted us, to the IOC Sports Department and to the IOC Executive Board and its President, Thomas Bach, for having understood our sport and recommended us”.

Mr. Baker continues; “I need to thank the previous Presidents of WAKO whose contribution have been irreplaceable. Especially I need to extend my gratitude to our former presidents, Mr. Bruckner, and in particular our Honorary President, Mr. Ennio Falsoni, the initial constructor of the growth and the sport we see today alongside our previous president Borislav Pelevic (RIP). I must also thank the WAKO Executive board and committees, that continue to work tirelessly for the betterment of the sport. Thank you, we are standing on your shoulders today.

I will use this opportunity to say that, tomorrow, we continue to develop and to aim for new bigger and better goals. This will only happen with the support of our member federations and the continental committees and their presidents. What we did today is not good enough for tomorrow, we must continually evolve and grow alongside the ever-changing needs of our athletes and officials. This is the future key to our success. But today I do celebrate, with all the members of the WAKO family.”.

WAKO also congratulates the other 5 IFs that achieved the same goal for their sport.


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